Anda (The Duck)

"Anda" opened i January 2020, and we get SO much positive feedback on this sauna! It is round, hence the name "the Duck." It has changing rooms on each side of the sauna. It has a private deck in front, and a big window where you see straight towards the island "Hovedøya." A meditative sight! 

When you book Anda private, you have it for 2 hours, and you can be up to 16 persons. The price is in total, and it is up to you if you would like to bring 1 or 15 friends... We also have dropin (public sauna) where you share the sauna with others. 

To rent the sauna privat for 2 hours the cost is 1800,- NOK for members and 2100,- NOK for non-members. Everyone can be a member, but you have to purchase the membership separately before you book the sauna. It costs 100,- and is valid through 2020. (It is enough that the one who book the sauna become a member).



Important:  Due to regulations the capacity of Anda will be 9 people (if you are a family / close friends, you can be up to 16 people)

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