DROPIN & other useful info

Dropin Schedule:
Every day from 7am - 7pm

What does dropin cost?

100,- NOK for members and 150,-NOK for non-members. 2 hours. The price is per person. Everyone can become a members, and a membership costs 100,- and is valid in 2020. You can also rent the saunas private for you and your friends. Read more below. 


How do I pay?

By card (Visa / MasterCard) on arrival. We do also accept the app Vipps, number: 98855 (only works if you have a Norwegian bank account). If you book the sauna for a private session you pay online in advance. Private bookings can be done here.

If you would like to become a member, you buy the membership at "Kjøp medlemskap."

Do I need to book drop-in?

Nope! You just show up at our saunas. 

Where are saunas located? 

​All our saunas are located right beside the Oslo Opera house, at Operastranda. 5 minutes from Oslo Central Station, in the area Bjørvika / Sørenga (Search for Oslo Fjord Sauna in Google Maps)

What should I bring? 

Swimming suits/shorts, towel, flip flops and water to drink.

Do you have a shower?

Currently we have a shower with cold water. We are working to install hot water. Its usually ok with a cold shower after hot sauna ...

Is it possible to leave clothes and bags at the sauna? 

Yes, we have a small room for changing and belongings.

How many people can fit in the saunas?

Måken: 10 persons. Skarven: 16 persons. Anda: 16 persons. Havørnen: 12 persons. 

How do I book the sauna private for my group?

We have an online booking system. Available time slots are shown in real time. Once you made booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You will also be able to communicate with sauna master. Important: If you cancel your reservation  we do refund you 50% of the amount (must be done 48 hours in advance of  your reserved time). 

Buy a gift card?

You can buy gift card via our partner TrueStroy: gift card for drop-in here and for privat booking here.

Is it allowed to drink alcohol in the sauna?

Not during dropin hours. It is allowed to consume moderate amount of alcohol during private bookings. It is not allowed to enjoy alcohol in the area outside the saunas. Important: swimming and use of the saunas is at your own risk. We do not recommend alcohol combined with ice bathing and sauna.

Season and annual card

Season card: cost: 1000,- Valid from today and until 1st of December 2020. You can buy it on the Website ("Bli medlem") or in Vipps. 

We do have annual card, 2500,- NOK can be bought anytime. Where do I buy the season and annual card? At dropin. Talk to the sauna master for more info.

We love our regular guests🔥


Do I have to post a photo on Instagram and use # sørengabastuflåte & #oslofjordsauna?

No, it is completely voluntary. But we and your friends will be very happy. In addition, we can promise you many likes ;) 

Welcome to a hot and steamy experience in the middle of Oslo! 

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