1. No explicit nudity

  2. Only fresh water on the oven. Tell the saunamaster if you need more water

  3. Clean up after yourself

  4. The saunamaster can deny access for visibly drunk people


There is room for 12 peole in the sauna. Fill it up!

Kindly regard

The board- SBHA


All prices are for renting the sauna for 2 hours:

1-4 people 800,-     

5-8 pople 1000,- 

9-12 people 1200,-

There will be a sauna master meeting you at your arrival. He will make sure that the sauna is warm and ready to use. He will inform you about safety and will be availible during your stay.



Pay by Vipps, nr: 98855

(Search for sørenga, and you will find us). IF you dont have vipps you can pay with cash at arrival.

What to bring:
  • Bring a towel and water to drink. It is possible to leave clothes and bags on  the sauna fleet.

  • Towel and maybe a pair of flipflops


Where to meet us:

Meet us at the sauna. It is placed right in front of the opera, at Langkaia. There is a map in the front page.


Make sure to canel 48 hours before your booking. This can be done by sending an sms to 93609430.



By using the sauna you can be become a member of the union Sørengas Badstue- og Helårsbadeanstalt (of course this is voluntary) As a member you have the right to vote at the general meeting.


Use the hashtag#sørengabadstuflåte i in social media, and follow us on Facebook or Instagram


Give a non-material gift that warms! 

Do like this:

  1. Write our our suggestioins for card or use your own: her

  2. Gi gave og be mottaker reservere tid

  3. Give away your gift, and ask the reciever to book a time on this page. Make sure that payment is done.